One month gone already!

It honestly seems like yesterday but we landed in Chicago a month ago! Amazing how the days all merge and you never get anything done. Except maybe crochetting πŸ™‚

It’s Thanksgiving on Thursday, so we have our lovely (Aussie) friends Chris and Eve coming up from State College, Pennsylvania for the long weekend. It will be lovely to see them! We’ve bought a turkey, and I did a test-run of the pumpkin pie tonight (result= resounding success!) I did a crustless pumpkin pie (cause, honestly, who really likes the crust anyway!) and it’s delicioso.

We’re still looking for a place to live – and it’s getting me down. It’s sooooo tiring doing it with Sylvie on my hip (getting her organised, and keeping her happy while getting her in and out of carseats – uggghhhh.) Though I shouldn’t complain – she is such a little trooper and usually so happy about it all. I am so thankful that Caz has been able to mind her one of the times I went out, so I will have to take her up on her offer again as it was so much easier without having to worry about her. We were all set to go for a place, but the owners came back and said they wanted to sell it instead of renting it out, so we didn’t get it. Gutted! Really want to set up house and lay some roots, and get my dogs back too! I miss them and their furry faces.

So anyway, have playgroup/mothers group tomorrow, and then going out with the real estate agent again on Wednesday. If you could pray we find somewhere that would be awesome!

On the praying side of things – haven’t even started looking for a church yet – it is next on the to-do list.

I am excited as I did a bit of damage to the credit card with all the online shopping I did last week. So it all gets delivered this week!Yay!

Interesting observation of the week: we went into “Best Buys” (like a Good Guys back home – electronics superstore) and I noticed that while they had 2 whole aisles of coffee percolators, and other kitchen electrics, I couldnt find even ONE electric kettle. Even looking on Amazon to buy it online, reading all the comments it really seems like it’s a novelty item in American kitchens – I really find it so odd!

Anyway time for some photos:

“All I want for christmas is my two front teeth” – Thanks Santa for the early Chrissy present!

We went for a walk to Soldier Field (the ground where the Chicago Bears play – they are “our” american football team)

The ice skating rink is up! I want a turn!

The smiley girl all rugged up.

And finally – you cant really see them but Hayley and the guy with the beard from last years American Idol came to town (think they are native Chicagoans). I was just a little bit excited πŸ˜‰

And a bit of my latest crochet project – needed a break from the blanket. It’s a cowl/loop scarf I made for Caz.

Sorry Caz – had to try it on! πŸ™‚

Ok new hairstyle thoughts? I photographed this style out of a mag – what do you think? maybe not as blonde as that though! Would it suit me? Desperately need a haircut/facial/make-up overhaul to help with the soul! πŸ™‚

Oh and lastly got a wonderful wonderful present from my wonderful sister – arrived just as I started to feel homesick, so thankyou! Beautiful necklace. Love it! Unfortunately Sylvie loves the beads too so we are starting to teach her “no”. She looks at me shocked for about 5 seconds, and then does a huge smile. Hard for me to keep a stern face!

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5 Responses to One month gone already!

  1. Jackie says:

    Where’s Bing Lee when you need them?? What would I do without my kettle … life without tea and coffee?!
    Loving those crochet skills Mel … the perfect season for you to arrive with all those Winter woolie projects!
    We are missing you all! Happy Thanksgiving …. x

  2. Robyn says:

    OH NO…. 2 new teeth WITHOUT ME!!! Makes her look SO MUCH older!!! (that pic is a complete clone of her Dad!!)

    LOVE the scarf (beautiful colour too) … im putting my order in now for next winter, please!

    Go YOU with the Pumpkin pie….you little American you!! Glad to hear you’re embracing the culture……. hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your friends!

    …and YES…the hairstyle looks great…goforit


  3. Debs says:

    Awwww LOVE the little cherub with her two front teeth. Want to give her a big squeeze.
    Go for the new hairdo!! Love the pixie look and blonde looks good on you too if you did feel extra daring.
    Love the calm cowl – great colour, looks so nice with the edging detail.
    Is that the necklace that you were drooling over when we went to Chatswood that time? Looks great! And very nicely timed by the sounds of it.
    So if peeps don’t use electric kettles what do they do for a cuppa? Or do they just not drink tea and only have percolated coffee? How odd… but very intriguing I must say to us tea addicts πŸ˜‰
    MISS YOU!!!! Big hug. xxx
    PS what was the online shopping you did? How good is it getting parcels to the door, I quite like the anticipation of an arrival. It’s even better when you forget that you’ve ordered something and you get a surprise package!

  4. Juliette says:

    Wow, hot necklace πŸ™‚ its going to look superb with your new haircut!

  5. Juliette says:

    Oh! and finally the stroller sleeping bag gets a work out!!! I hope sylvie is as cumfy in hers as Tom is in his .. or was. He’s now ‘over’ the stroller and attempts to run everywhere …. until he’s distracted by a gate, a step, a flower, some ants, passing dogs, passing trucks, passing cars, passing .. everything! And then he gets tired and sits down and demands his chicken. Enjoy a non-walking, non-opinionated little bub while you can!

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