Hellooooo winter

Hello all (yes stu, it’s been quiet in blogland :))

So – the exciting news this week is that we had our first real snowfall of the season during the week! (For those of you who also follow my facebook updates sorry this is old news for you). It seems that everybody is obsessed with weather here – though judging by the number of facebook updates complaining about the current weather in Sydney, I’d say it is a world-wide obsession.

Anyway, everybody has been looking forward to the first snowfall – the news told me that there were only 5 years in recorded history that the first day of snow was later than this. Personally – it was awesome! We only got a little bit (0.5inch) but it was enough to coat everything in an icing of white. We haven’t had any more yet, but I can’t wait for more. Will definitely take a photo of Sylvie sitting in the snow in her snow suit.

So I can’t remember if I told you that we got a place to live? It’s a lovely 3 bed townhouse, so we move in next weekend which is awesome. I’ve been running around trying to find things like furniture and baby gates etc. Not that easy with a crawling baby, public transport, and no local knowledge, but we’ve managed. So we’ve got a spare bedroom that will be all ready for visitors… get in quick!

Another reason I can’t wait to move in is that the doggies are coming on the 22nd December! I’ve missed them so much, and can hardly bear to wait another 10 days. I can’t wait to see what they think of the snow (and the squirrels!) too. I’m sure seeing Sylvie crawling everywhere will be a shock for them – hopefully they will cope.

Some photos:

My new haircut. Hard to see in this photo against a dark background – sorry!

Yummmo pumpkin french toast with cream cheese swirl for breakfast on the weekend …. not on the weight watchers list but oh so yummy (as you can see by the size of my grin!). Oh and that was the old haircut, so not the new one.

And this pair are the newest members of our family – gorgeous snow boots with furrrrrr! They are toasty and yummy. Though I did feel like a bit of a dork wearing them on the days before it snowed – but now that it has actually snowed I feel vindicated in wearing them.

Oh and my gorgeous blanket for Sylvie is so very close to being finished – I have run out of wool for the border, so I think a lovely outing to the yarn shop is on the to-do list this week. yay! (Orders taken :))

Sylvie likes her blanket.

Now here is another wonderful discovery I made – on the train stations they have heaters installed in parts, you press a button activating the timer and stand under them until your train comes! Genius!

And now some gorgeous Sylvie photos taken by Chris. I did tell you she started crawling, didn’t I? Well now she’s hooning around at 100mph, getting into all sorts of mischief. She’s already smashed a lamp, jammed her fingers in drawers, hit her head a million times. Feel a bit tired having to watch/entertain her all day, as otherwise she finds her own fun. It will be better when we are in our place as i’ll be able to baby-proof it a bit better. She’ also pulling herself up to standing on EVERYTHING, which is ridiculously cute and she stands up there laughing  being so proud of herself. Too cute. I wonder when she’ll start walking.

Anyway… signing off for now. Loving all the comments! xxx

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One Response to Hellooooo winter

  1. Stu says:

    That’s great that you will have the dogs there for Christmas. Do you have some of those snow boots for them too?
    PS. Your American-ness is growing – you have converted to using miles already….

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