Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all! (Except here everyone says “Happy Holidays” and I was hard-pressed to find a chrissy card to buy that actually said “merry christmas” – annoying!)

Well sorry again for the blog-silence. We moved into our new place the week before Christmas, and we are really happy with it. Of course it snowed the day we were moving stuff across – but that made for some lovely first photos out of our window…

This is a photo of the communal courtyard – the squirrels play in the trees so there is lots for Sylvie to watch (and also for the dogs to watch too – more on them in a minute!). And if you can see through the trees – Wrigley Park, home of the Chicago Cubs baseball team, is approximately a 3 minute walk away. Crez = pretty happy.

Our new street – walking in the snow! It really is still such a novelty and I’m quite excited by it. Unfortunately it hasnt snowed since the week before christmas, so all the chicagoans are really enjoying their “mild” winter (still about 0C most days). But fingers crossed there are some snow days ahead. So we didn’t get a white Christmas, unfortunately!

The funny girl all rugged up for the snow – yes she has mittens too which she is very good about wearing – actually I don’t think she has worked out that she can get them off yet, so that’s a good thing!

So this is our very empty living room – waiting for all our stuff to get here from Sydney. Unfortunately there was a delay with it leaving Syd so we are living with the bare essentials at the moment. But it’s fine – done a lot of shopping on Amazon…. lifesaver that!

So a couple of days before Christmas our pups arrived – such a long trip for them, I felt really bad! But they bounced out of their crates, tails wagging and very happy to see us. Sylvie was equally excited to see them – they had not seen her crawling yet, but they are being very patient with her crawling all over them. They have settled in fine – really just plonked themselves down on their new beds and went to sleep. I can’t wait to see what their reactions are to the snow (when it finally snows!). Will make sure to get some video and photos.


So Christmas snuck up on us after all that excitement, and before we knew it there were presents to open and yummy food to eat. We just had a quiet day – just the 3 (sorry dogs, 5) of us and a teeny tree. But lots of presents from some very generous family and friends. Thankyou for thinking of us all the way over here!

So we just had a quiet one – made a yummy late lunch and opened presents. Sylvie was hilarious – didn’t know which present to play with first – would play with one for about 5 seconds, then spot the next new one and play with that… and on and on. She was thrilled with everything and is already standing up and taking some tentative steps with her walker from Nana and Dida (seen in background of the photo above). I wonder if she will be walking before she’s 1?

A well-earned nap after so much playing. The towel under her is in case of emergency spew. She had gastro the couple of days before Christmas – not a pleasant experience I’ll tell you!

Which toy next?? So happy.

Anyway, apart from all of that, Crez got his Illinois Drivers Licence, we’ve been looking for cars to buy, and thinking of planning a quick getaway in January sometime. Oh and I have applied to sit the Vet board exams in April, so have started studying again. Sigh – will it ever end??

Not much crochetting been happening here – not for lack of wanting. Have some babies due in the next few months that I really wanted to have baby blankies for but it looks like they will be late.

Anyway – loving all the news from home. Miss you all! xx

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