Sick, sick, sick and more sick

Well it’s been a tough couple of weeks! Actually I should start before then….

We went to Mexico! Yay! It was fun – didn’t do too much, lazed around in the sun, took Sylvie swimming in the pool. Ate, ate, ate. Sylvie was the hit. Everybody LOVED her, and she them back. I think she really loved all the interaction with people, rather than just me and crez day in, day out. We stayed at Cabo San Lucas (basically a resort town full of Americans and Canadians) which although was very touristy, was still nice to get away.

We had my birthday while we were down there – and crez took me swimming with dolphins to celebrate! It, of course, was amazing. We were also lucky enough to time our holiday with our friends Caz and Kingos, so we were able to catch up with them a couple of times.

Unfortunately poor Crez got gastro while we were down there so spent a couple of days in bed (dodgy Mexican food? 🙂 so that put a bit of a dampner on our fun. But it was still nice to escape the snow and cold for a week, and put Sylvie in all her cute dresses that she will probably have outgrown by the time summer gets here. While we were gone Chicago had a huge dump of Snow (8 inches or something) so we were welcomed back to heaps of snow on the ground. (Yes the novelty is still there!)

Now for the not so fun part – Sylvie comes down with gastro a couple of days after we get back – high temperature, spewing, grizzling, poor love. So after a few days of nursing her she gets better, then I come down with it and feel like death. Thankfully I managed to time it just as the weekend gets here, so Crez was able to look after Sylvie. Then, just as I start to see the light, Sylvie gets a temperature again and has now come down with a really crusty cold and cough. So, still no sleep for the (very) weary. So basically we’ve had 2 weeks of Sylvie or me sick at any one time. I just want some sleep! 😦 I really hope she gets better soon. Don’t really know what to do, as this is only the 2nd cold she’s ever had, and is a lot worse than the last one. Last night was tough – she was up every hour, inconsolable until I breast-fed her. So it’s been a bit hard, and I’d really like a break. Now wondering if moving half-way around the world was such a good idea after all. I’m a bit homesick!

Anyway, sorry about the vent. I’m sure it will all be rosy once we are all better, but right now even the littlest things seem to be a struggle. And add to all that, hanging over me is the darn study I need to do to pass the veterinary board exam in April – I know seems like a long way off, but at the moment I’m only managing an hour every couple of days and I really cant remember ANYTHING! ugghhhhh. AND I haven’t done any crochet in AGES 😦 big sad face.

Phew – well at least you all know how I’m feeling. A bit overwhelmed, underenthused, and really missing the comforts of home! Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed all of you, here are some cute Sylvie photos to cheer you up!

Poor sick baby. finally asleep in our bed.

This last photo is the slice of chocolate cake Crez bought me to cheer me up. I should have put something next to it so you could see the size, but the foil takeaway container it’s in is the size of a large dinner plate. I honestly had 1/6 of it as a “normal” sized dessert. Hilarious.

That reminds me. It’s now February and Crez and I have both committed to do FebFast. For those not in the know, it’s a month without drinking alcohol, raising money for alcohol-abuse-related charities. I’ve decided that not drinking alcohol for a month really wasn’t that hard for me – It’s been 18 months of pregnant/breastfeeding so I’m pretty used to laying off the hard drinking 😉 So I’ve decided to give up sugar for a month. I’m only 2 days in and it’s HARD. So please sponsor us – makes it much easier to stick to if I know people are behind us! Here is the link –

Hope all is going well down under – hear that you’ve had a bit of rain? 😉

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