Wow –  I forgot I’d written this and never got around to posting it. Sorry! But I’ll post it anyway even though it was a month ago. And I’ll write a recent one!


Sorry it’s been so long between posts again! Life really runs away with me at the moment. Busy busy busy!

Well we finally got over our sicknesses, and I climbed out of the little pot-hole I thought I was in, and life is feeling a bit easier. A few main points about what’s been happening the last few weeks:

1. We bought a car! It has been great – given me a lot more freedom, even thought the public transport system is great here, still is a bit easier with Sylvie to quickly run down to Bed Bath and Beyond etc to pick up a few things, rather than having to allow the whole afternoon to catch the L train and walk a few blocks, and then lugg everything home. We ended up getting a Hyundai Tucson – not sure if they have them in Aust? It’s kinda a medium-sized AWD. In silver 🙂 I like it! And I’m gaining confidence in driving the streets and knowing how to get around. We went away for the weekend a couple of weeks ago to Northern Indiana – a couple of hours drive away. It’s Amish country, so it was great to see real live Amish going about their daily business with their black buggies and horses. Felt like a movie! Beautiful countryside, and great food.

2. All our stuff came from Sydney finally – gosh why did we bring/need all this stuff??! When we’ve been living with the basics for a couple of months, it seems a bit silly having so much stuff! Trying to cull as I unpack, but still hard to let go. Think we’ve only got 7 boxes to unpack, so we are almost there!

3. Mum and Dad arrive in 3 days!! Can’t wait. Will be great to see them, and I really can’t wait for them to see Sylvie and how much she has grown and changed since we left Sydney in October. She’s almost walking now – loves holding your finger and walking along. She understand so much now – already! It blows me away as I still feel like she’s just a baby.

Some of the things she is doing: She sticks her tongue out when you ask her where her tongue is. Points to your nose and your ear when asked. Plonks her socks on her feet if she sees them lying around. Knows to go find her ball or ducky when you ask her to. Incredible really! (I’m sure experienced parents are used to this, but as a first-timer it’s just amazing to watch!)

4. Am making some lovely friends here. Which is great, considering it’s Sylvie’s first birthday in a week so I have people to invite to her  party!

5. My month without sugar was HARD! I was pretty good – especially for the first 2 weeks. Have had some slip-ups in the last two weeks, but on the whole has been a good challenge. Crez has done incredibly well with his Febfast – I’m so proud of him! We’ve both been eating healthily this month and lost weight to show for it, which is great! Now I’m almost back to pre-baby weight – only a few kgs to go.

Sylvie has been sleeping really well – we’ve decorated her room a little bit and she’s now sleeping in the “big cot” rather than the last 6 months in the travel cot! Feel a bit bad for her – she went from the bassinet to the travel cot and then finally into the normal cot at 11 months! Poor girl.


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